Instant Pot Smart 60 Pressure Cooker Review

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Instant Pot Smart 60 Review

Instant Pot Smart 60 Pressure Cooker Review is a full guide for someone who wants to buy instant pot 6-quart pressure cooker. There are many good features in this programmable electric pressure cooker. It is a multi-functional pressure cooker which makes it a best instant pot pressure cooker. Reviews of pressure cooker also reveal about some drawbacks but this one is the favorite cooker of many people. It has many options such as one can easily make up to 10 dishes in it. These are already programmed in it which can save the anxiety of errors for beginners.

Instant Pot Smart 60 is actually a smart gadget as it is not only a cooker but an automatic and manual operates. It has a total mechanism which works by following the guidelines of a person. It has a control setup for making the food quickly. It has options which allow a person to increase or decrease the pressure. One can set the pressure and also one can adjust the heat in it. One can use it manually and automatically. It is totally up to a user that how one wants to use it. This cooker comes with the features which are really appreciative. One will really love to have this cooker.

Pros of instant Pot Smart 60

There are many good features in Instant Pot Smart 60 and due to this reason Instant Pot Smart 60 Pressure Cooker Review is positive most of the times, have a look at the features:


  • It can be connected with Bluetooth so you can control with your cell phone.
  • It is a smart cooker and it is already programmed for almost 10 dishes.
  • It has options to increase or decrease the pressure.
  • It can be used for manually and automatically both types.


  • Bluetooth range is limited in this cooker.
  • The application needs improvement in order to work smoothly.
  • A user finds the cooker broken when he ordered online.


There are many great things to say about Instant Pot Smart 60 Pressure Cooker. When someone looks at the bright and dark both sides then he/she will be able to give a complete Instant Pot Smart 60 Pressure Cooker Review. It has many good aspects and it is designed electronically. Moreover, it also works according to the modern needs and one can design it in the manner which is suitable. In this cooker, it is really easier for beginners to cook food because it is a program multi-functional cooker. It is already programmed with 10 recipes and you can make them by pressing the buttons. It will omit the human errors. You can also use this cooker from distance with the help of Bluetooth. However, the strength of signals depends on your device and the application version which you are using. This cooker allows a person to cook in a satisfied manner.